Car Recycling Is the New Scrap

It has become increasingly apparent that we need to make a shift in consciousness where car recycling is concerned. All too many of us still consider the disposal of a vehicle Autoverwertung Wiesbaden as simply scrapping something that is no longer useful. But with environmental issues becoming ever more pressing, consumers need to start viewing and referring to the process in more accurate and enlightened ways.

Manufacturers know that they have developed an unbeatable brand when consumers start referring to generic items by using a brand name rather than the generic term. Hoover was one of the first to accomplish this feat, with most people over the age of forty still using the term hovering rather than vacuuming. These days the Hoover stronghold has been somewhat diminished, but it has taken the development of equally strong brands such as Dyson to shoehorn their way into peoples consciousness thereby making this development possible.

The mind is an incredibly efficient tool. It creates shortcuts to processing information and is therefore more inclined towards trusting information that is regularly affirmed. This process is subconscious, which ultimately saves us time. It relies on memory to inform our thinking so that we don’t have to consider each new experience without context. If we met every new instance in our lives as though they were entirely fresh experiences our brains would become quickly over-taxed. Instead, the use of memory, as well as making the subconscious link between regularly affirmed information and feelings of trust, making the two fundamentally synonymous, allows us to make rapid decisions without having to consciously decide what is trustworthy on a case by case basis.

This fact is used to great advantage by large corporations with considerable marketing and advertising budgets at their disposal. It enables them to launch campaigns that constantly subconsciously program our minds to accept certain information. Each time we hear or see a brand name we register it in our memory, and the more times we do this the more likely we are to go out and buy the things that we are constantly reminded of. Essentially we ultimately start thinking in specifics about generic items even if the population at large still refers to these items in a general way. A request from the kids to buy more breakfast cereal will automatically be processed into the purchase of Kellogg’s Cornflakes if you have absorbed the information in the advertising campaigns in the way that was intended. As you browse the breakfast cereal aisle you will, without thinking, start narrowing your decision making by focusing in on Kellogg’s products. You will be doing this because you are, in all likelihood, bored by the prospect of shopping, in a rush, and looking for a quick fix. In short, you want to get it right, but you don’t want to have to spend a second longer in the shop than you absolutely have to. Bingo! Your mind comes to the rescue. Somehow from somewhere it is telling you that buying a Kellogg’s product is the right answer.

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