Christmas Song Lyrics for Seniors

Christmas songs for seniors can help to bring back many special memories. Most Christmas songs that we sing every year have been around for many decades. And for the most part, we Mp3 Lyrics know the choruses and several verses by heart. Seniors have been singing these the longest and so they certainly remember these too.

You, and most of the elderly that you know, will be able to instantly recall the lyrics for Christmas songs such as ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’, ‘Silent Night’ and many, many more. Even songs like Rudolph, that are more suited to children, are still well remembered and enjoyed by people of all ages.

The elderly may begin to suffer some forms of memory loss as the years pass, but the brain has a ‘music memory’ and this enables some seniors with memory issues to almost instantly recall song lyrics. Christmas song lyrics are some of the most repetitive in style as well as being repeated year after year. This means they can be more deeply imbedded in the ‘music memory’.

Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia will also greatly benefit from Christmas songs and lyrics. They too have a ‘music memory’ and this memory can transcend some of the memory loss issues, which is why Christmas music, Christmas songs, and sing alongs can be very effective in entertaining and cheering seniors with regular memory issues.

Songs have the ability to change moods in a person and in a room. It is difficult to be upset or depressed and sing songs of any kind, and particularly Christmas songs. People sing when they are alone and when together with others. Music and song can bypass difficulties in communication with words and help one another to enjoy and appreciate moments the same way together.

When looking for some Christmas songs for seniors a good option to consider is sing along Dvd’s. These can help even an isolated senior have the benefit of ‘group’ activity if you select the proper kind of sing along Dvd’s. You also want to look for those that come with printed or printable song lyrics so you can make them large enough for elderly eyes to read without strain. Song lyrics on screen that are black type on a white background for easier reading and no bouncing ball that can be far too distracting. Keep in mind a proper tempo for the music as well.

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