How to choose Underwear to Accentuate Your Assets.

There is just so much lingerie available on the market today and each type has been designed with a particular purpose in mind whether it be purely comfort, supportive, shaping or simply sexy. When we buy lingerie how often do we stop to think how well is it going to show off my best parts of my figure. It could be خرید ست لباس زیر anything from our breasts, cleavage, waist line, thighs, tummy, bum or even just our posture. There’s lots of companies and designers who put lots of thought into their products to help make us look our best, so shouldn’t we do the same when picking our lingerie?

When it comes to our breasts we can do all manner of things to change how the look with different outfits, we can push them up, enhance our cleavage, make them look bigger, basically display as little or as much as we want. Letting your breasts to make more of a statement, then a padded push up bra will do just that, a gel or foam padded insert will add volume but also help to push the bust up and together to give a much more pronounced cleavage than normal. If it’s your new found cleavage that you’re wanting to show off with a low cut top or dress then you’ll need to find a bra or bustier with a deep décolleté so as to not show off your bra as well as your cleavage. For those of us with a naturally bigger bust and cleavage then a carefully selected ¾ cup balconette bra will help give some support to your breasts and stop them from pulling too much and sagging. That said, not all of us want to show a lot of cleavage but in the summer months would like to wear summer dresses and show off our shoulders and neck line, so a strapless bra is the best of bras here. You can still get some very good supporting strapless bras that can give your breasts great definition and you the comfort and confidence to wear strapless dresses without feeling you’re going to fall out or your dress is going to fall down. It’s vitally important when you’re buying a new bra to enhance your figure to remember that you’re only going to get the maximum effect with a correctly fitted bra. Some things to look out for is to avoid the back size being too small as it’s bad for support and posture and leads to the bra just digging in and causing a bulging effect, and similarly for the sideband. The more accurately sized the bra the more slimmer your upper body will appear, especially when viewed from the back.

Corsets and bustiers are excellent for providing support to the breasts whilst effectively pulling you in at the waist by up to 2 inches, giving you a wonderfully curved silhouette to your figure. Modern corsetry is designed with a lot more comfortable materials with more stretch elements included. If a corset is not your usual choice of underwear it’s definitely worth giving one a try because their effects can be absolutely fabulous. A corset with a lace up tie at the rear is a good choice for a first corset as you can adjust the tightness to suit yourself, obviously you don’t want it to be over tight as you’ll create bulging at the top and bottom. You want to aim to have a smooth transition for best effect.

The hips, breast and upper body are easy and great to accommodate but when it comes to the tummy, it’s an area of which lots of women work very hard to flatten and hide. There are plenty of underwear options available now to deal with this area and extremely effectively I may add. The stocking lovers amongst us can wear a nice deep suspender belt, as well holding up the hosiery it also seems to flatten the lower tummy a little. I always associate a well chosen bra & suspender set with matching brief or thong as one of the iconic sexy lingerie sets. As long you’re honest with yourself and avoid sizes that are too small you should avoid any visible underwear lines.

Body shapers have evolved greatly in recent years and there is a huge choice of body wraps, body shapers, derriere shapers and thigh shapers. The technology involved in some of these designs is also becoming quite advanced with different materials being used in various panelling to provide different degrees of toning and shaping effects. Derriere shapers are excellent for giving a nice rounded and uplifting shape to the bum, which is always nice to accentuate especially with close fitting outfits. A small point to remember is if you’re trying to accentuate your assets for your partner or someone special it may not be the sort of sexy underwear they would be expecting if it were intended for moments of intimacy shall we say.

For moments of a more romantic/intimate setting then you may be looking for more sexy underwear to accentuate your assets. Teddies are great for showing off the curves of those who already have a curvy hour glass figure, a scalloped front panelling enhances the slimmed look at the waist and emphasises the breast as it goes up. A high rising waistline on a teddy, thong or g-string can also give a slimming impression to the figure by making your legs appear longer. I think nothing shows off womens legs better than deep lace hold ups or stockings, again the deeper lace band adds to the slimming impression and makes legs appear longer.

When choosing underwear to accentuate your assets, know the effects your looking to achieve before setting out to buy your underwear and remember that the more accurate the size and fit of your lingerie the better the effects will be.

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