How to make Your own Leather Purse and Save money

If you want a purse that is durable and attractive, you can’t go wrong with leather. However, a good quality leather purse can put a serious dent in your budget. If you are Bolsos Wayuu good with a needle, or at least know how to follow basic instructions, you can make your own for much less than the department store price.

A basic drawstring leather purse is a quick and easy one to try. For fabric, you will need a soft, supple leather such as doeskin, suede or chamois. You will also need leather lacing.

If desired, dye the leather. Use a dye made for the type of leather you are using. Apply evenly and allow to dry completely. Once dry, you may want to buff with a soft, clean cloth.

Measure the leather to your desired measurements and cut. For those new to sewing, you may want to measure one large rectangle to be folded in half. More experienced crafters may choose to cut two equal panels to be sewn up.

If using one large rectangle, fold in half with leather surface on the inside. Sew the left and right sides of the folded rectangle closed, leaving the top part open. If using two equal pieces, place fabric pieces with leather surfaces facing each other. Sew the left, right and bottom sides of the pieces together. Turn bag right side out.

Measure the diameter of the leather lacing you purchased. Using a rotary punch, punch a series of holes slightly larger than that diameter across the top of the bag. Holes should be equidistant from the top of the bag and spaced approximately one inch apart.

Start at the hole at the back right of the purse and thread the lacing through. The leather lacing should go in one hole and out the one beside it. Once you have went all the way across the top of the back panel of the purse, continue lacing through the holes on the front panel.

When you reach the final hole, make sure that the loose ends are of equal length. Grasp both ends and pull. The bag will close. Tie ends together to hold purse closed. If you prefer a strap on your purse, you can tie a second knot higher up on the lacing ends to form one.

Many people choose to decorate their drawstring leather bags. Some add beading, either on the strap or sewn directly onto the fabric of the purse. If you have an eye for detail and the ability to visualize a design before it is on the bag, it is possible to add an eye-catching design.

You may also wish to add a fringe. Fringes are typically put on the bottom edge of the purse, but can also be put on the sides. A fringe can be made with leftover leather scraps from your project. Cut scraps to equal width and length and sew on the purse at the location you prefer.

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