Scentsy – Candles Without Wicks

Now candles could be lit without the fear of burning the room, thanks to Scentsy. Their wide range of wickless candles comes in at least 80 different scents. The Scentsy system consists order scentsy of warmers made of low-watt bulbs positioned to melt the Scentsy wax to give off sweet scents and no soot. The warmers come in 3 dimensions: plugins, mid size warmers and large warmers.

The warmers have different bulbs based on the type; plugins use a 15 Watt bulb, the mid size warmers use a 20 watt bulb while the large warmers are with a 25 watt bulb. The Scentsy wax made from a blend of non essential oils and fragrance, constituted to a melting point of 52 degrees.

Scentsy wickless candles comes in different scents, there is enough to appeal to every taste and preference. Either young, middle-age or old; male or female, you are sure to find your scent. There are scents to complement the season and you could even create your own scent.

Whether you live in a castle or in a small country home, you will find a warmer to blend with your home decor. There are ranges of warmers specially made for college dorms. Sport enthusiasts can also choose from a variety of sports collection. Whether it is for patriotic offices or events the patriot collections will be handy.

Scentsy candles come in traditional as well as contemporary fragrances for professionals and businesses. There are warmers made specially to advance charitable means.

Other great products from Scentsy are, plug ins, room spray, and hand soaps. Also available are travel tins and scented circles.

Thinking of buying a Buddy for your child’s room, Scentsy buddies is your choice. Since 2010, Scentsy have been making stuffed animals with pockets to hold scent packs. The scents are great and with unique varieties to fill your child’s room with pleasant fragrances.

In about six years Scentsy, the brain work of Orville and Heidi Thompson developed into a $400 million venture. Established in July 2004, Scentsy is a member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Scentsy’s corporate headquarters are sited in Meridian, Idaho with distribution centers in Illinois and Kentucky. Scentsy is recipient of many awards, awarded in 2010 for rapid growth in the Inc. 500 List. Orville & Heidi Thompson have been interviewed on TV, notably are NBC, ABC and Fox.

Scentsy is offering a business opportunity to home based entrepreneurs to benefit from the company’s huge success. To become a Scentsy consultant, one is required to find a sponsor who is also an active and current Scentsy consultant.

A starter Kit is made available for a tax and shipping inclusive cost of $99. This kit contains all that is needed to succeed as a Scentsy consultant, and contains a warmer with 80 scents and product samples.

To find out more, directors and sponsors of Scentsy are available, you could also subscribe to warmer/scent of the month. To find out about newest scents and products from Scentsy.

Every consultant is provided with a personal website free for the first 3 months, subsequent months will cost $ 10/month. This website provides detailed information about the consultant and party orders could made through the website.

Consultants can avail the use of Scentsy monthly newsletter to get across to their customers. Just supply the customer email list to the company, newsletter containing the consultant’s personal information and URL will be sent to customers.

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