Best Underground Sport Wallpapers

Looking for the best underground sport wallpapers around? We’ve got you covered with some of the most exciting images around in the world of sports. Want to see the action get really intense? We recommend grabbing some of our parkour or paintball images to make your desktop a portal into adventure.

Take a look at these exciting images from paintball battlefields!

Paintball Wallpaper #1- view image

Watch as this paintballer dodges a hailstorm of rounds by diving into the ground. He has his weapon still in place and is ready to get back up and launch a counter attack filled with vengeance. It’s a great way to get some excitement back in your day while you work in the office, drowning in Excel spreadsheets by looking at what you will be doing on Saturday. Bring some excitement back into your life today!

Paintball Wallpaper #2- view image

This is another great image that shows respect to the battlefields that we replicate when we play paintball, while including some of the color that’s a part of the sport. You’ve got a black image, with soldiers and barbed wire getting ready for war, filled with explosions of color from paintball rounds.

Paintball Wallpaper #3- view image

This is probably one of my favorite images ever. You have one combatant jumping over a hurdle to take down an enemy who is ready to take his attacker down with him. It really captures what makes paintball such a pleasure to watch as well as to play. If this doesn’t make you want to drive out to the field and shoot your friends with paintballs, then this sport just isn’t for you. For the rest of us, it is an exciting reminder of what to do when you get a day away with your friends. It’s certainly more fun than Call of Duty, after all.

Parkour #1- view image

This image is a great example of the excitement of the underground sport, Parkour. Popularized by games like ‘Mirror’s Edge’ and shows like ‘American Ninja Warrior’, this free running sport involves getting from point A to point B in the most exciting ways possible. Like the high jump we see taken in this exciting wallpaper image.

Parkour #2- view image

Many Parkour athletes have a gymnast’s grace in their jumps, like the flip seen in this image. The sport is almost like art, which is why it makes such an exciting image to have as a wallpaper on your screen. It feels like it is transporting you from your work environment to a world where you have no cares – except to look as awesome as you can while you do what you want to do.

Parkour #3- view image

The coolest thing about Parkour is how pretty much every time you see it in action, it looks like something that defies logic is happening. In this image, it appears as though the athlete is jumping off a wall into the ground. For someone unfamiliar with Parkour, it almost looks like a Photoshopped image. But for those of you familiar with some of the mindboggling actions seen in the sport, these types of jumps and flips are almost ordinary. It really is an exciting way to look at the world.

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