Cool Updates To Windows Mobile OS

I recently upgraded to a new Windows Smartphone and it came preinstalled with the latest Windows Mobile OS version 8.1. I had not updated my old phone to the new OS mainly because I was a bit lazy and I hadn’t really looked into the new features available. But when I started using the new phone I immediately liked what I saw. In today’s post I want to highlight some of the new features I have been using and also talk about a surprising function I had simply never known about.


This is actually something I knew about but had dismissed as a bit of an unnecessary gadget. However, in the recent weeks since I have had the new phone I have also been driving more than usual. I have found this feature very convenient while I’m driving. Without touching the phone I can dictate a message or emails, and initiate calls or do a quick web search. All of this can be done without taking my eyes off the road, which makes it a really good safety feature. I can even instruct the phone to give me directions to a certain location.

Faster Typing

The sliding motion for typing is probably not new to many Android users and I was always sceptical about it. It just seemed very unintuitive to me, but I decided to give it a try. I must say that I am getting used to it for short text messages which it is very good for. However, for longer emails I still find it a little bit weird, but that may well be just a personal preference.

Quiet Hours

This is very cool. My phone seems to be inundated with calls, text messages and emails practically all day long. I can basically set what kind of messages get through and who can call me during my down time. For example, when I get home from work I like to switch off for an hour or two and I will not allow any work related email, texts or calls. I simply designate a list of people that can contact me and everyone else is notified that I am busy.

Home Phone Integration

The last feature I want to highlight is the integration with my home phone system. My old cordless phone broke a while ago and when I looked up some reviews of cordless phones I found some very interesting new features. Basically there are some cool models with Bluetooth built in that allow your Smartphone to link up with your cell phone.

When I get home from work I can put my Smartphone in my office to charge and when the above mentioned quiet time has lapsed all incoming calls go through to my home phone. With 4 cell phones and two cordless phones in the house we no longer have to go searching for a phone that is ringing. This also allowed me to load all my contacts from my cell phone to the new home phone which probably saved me hours of manual input.