Gearmore Sprayers and other Useful Vineyard Equipment

Gearmore is popular brand that carries wide selections of useful agricultural equipment, including those intended for vineyard farming. Gearmore sprayers are an example tool that helps lots of farming works.

The following are some قیمت سمپاش پشت تراکتوری 2000 لیتری Gearmore sprayer models available in the market today:

Venturi Air Sprayers – it is designed so that it can be used even on trees up to 50 feet in height. It comes with high speed turbine fan that produces air speeds of up to 400 miles in an hour. This particular model is designed for spraying vineyard plants but can also be used for spraying walnuts, avocados, and other tall orchards.

Air Blast Sprayers APL – this particular sprayer is well recognized as economical and is popular for its quality and reliability. This sprayer is designed to any 540 RPM tractor with a 3-point hitch; it has a diaphragm pump, and with valves that are stainless steel, this is protected against corrosion. This has a tank that comes with a jet agitation system. It also equipped with three strainers and blower (air is supplied by an 8 blade propeller).

Booms Series – another type Gearmore sprayer is the Booms Series; you can choose Booms LG Spot Series, which can hold 15 to 40 gallons of quantity; it also comes with 15′ to 20′ hose. Also, another option you can get is the Booms LG 3PT Series, which can hold a lot bigger quantity (55 to 110 gallons); it also comes with cast iron or silvercast pump. More options include the Booms UTL Series and Booms GC Series.
Other useful vineyard equipment

Utility vehicles – these are used to carry/transfer loads from one place to another, which is common in vineyard farming (especially during planting and harvesting). Some popular brands for this are John Deere and Vantage.

Tractors – useful equipment engineered to deliver a high tractive effort (aka torque), it helps not only in agricultural works but in construction as well.

Other handheld power equipment that are useful to vineyard farming works include trimmers, chainsaw, which are common in vineyard maintenance tasks.

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