Grow Herbs in Pots With Pride and Confidence in your Small Patio Or Windowsill Home Herb garden

Modern lifestyle with its hectic pace and space confines makes it difficult to provide dedicated territory for herb kingdom. However container gardening is an easy option for people who are living in apartments. This can brighten patios, indoors and gazebos. Many herbs grow reasonably well in pots if due care grow herbs in containers is taken. The herbs need more attention as they are confined to the pots that restricts their growth. The small leaves and fewer blooms are obvious due to constraint in space. However with a lot of love and tender care, the herbs will be happy and bring greenery, fresh aroma to your small patio or windowsill home herb garden.

Elementary Requirements Of Container Gardening

To prevent water clogging, raise the level of the pots from the ground by inserting wooden planks or water-proof material to avoid damaging the floor. Good drainage and air is required for a healthy growth. For very hot climates, use a mist spray to cool your herbs or wrap them with wet Hessian. Alternatively, save your herbs from icy cold weather by bringing them to a warmer location or providing covers. A container with wheels is ideal for porting pots from one place to another. A trolley is also a good idea to transport the pots without disturbing the herbs. The pots and the plants should be in harmony. The texture of pots should complement the colors of herbs. Some hues do not go well together, get bright colored terra-cotta or earthen pots that go along with the green, purple color of the herbs.

Terrarium for Growing herbs in Pots

A Wardian Case which is also known as a plant Terrarium is excellent for growing herbs indoors. It was invented by Wardian Case and is terrific for humidity loving tropical herbs like ferns. It is so easy to use that you will get hooked to it. The Terrarium is generally a glass case that holds moisture so you can conveniently forget to water the herbs. The moisture is sustained for days and sometimes weeks. Almost any type of herb that is not very hungry for space will survive in Terrarium.

Tools for Container Gardening

Regardless of your size and choice of your container garden, you will need durable gardening tools. Container gardening tools range from and are not limited to gardening sieves, pruner, watering cans, trowels, wrist-easy hand rakes, and soil-testing kits for measuring pH value and moisture content. Any garden store provides a great selection of quality garden tools, and you can even purchase that little garden Gnome you’ve been dreaming of. According to a European folklore, Gnomes are often depicted as having beards and usually wear red hats. They are known to smoke pipes and help with your garden secretly at nights.

Plants for Container Gardening

Now that you are equipped with a list of garden pots and tools, it is time to choose the herbs. Start small with a few of your favorite herbs – Mint, Basi, Thyme and Coriander. And then after 2 to 4 weeks, your garden will be ready to add more from the thousand of varieties of culinary and medicinal herbs. Keep in mind the climate and the garden layout while selecting herbs. Read about them and you are sure to have beautiful sprouts and blossoms in your little herb garden very soon.

Mint Frost

Mint frost is a good choice for pots. This herb grows 15 inches tall with white flowers on red petioles. Mounds of cool, soft, shimmer sliver mint with undertones of olive green, chartreuse color will flock the pot when fully grown.

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